Wedding trends of 2021

As we have the panorama of weddings, we must be clear about one thing: the trends that we are seeing now and those that will be trends later in 2021 can be two very different things.

We don’t know what weddings will look like in 2022, but what we do know is that weddings in 2021 will be different: Eighty-one percent of my followers say the pandemic has changed their expectations for their wedding. This year, we are also seeing couples do everything with more intention, that is, they focus on the ceremony, create more personalized details and spend more money per guest so that they feel truly immersed in the experience of a wedding in the midst of a pandemic.

Read on to learn more about the wedding trends we are seeing now and on the horizon!

Weddings during the week

At this point, vendors and venues are short on availability for 2021. A weekday wedding can allow a couple to get married in their dream location and hire their preferred vendors. On the other hand, there are often benefits in the cost of a wedding if it is during the week, and it is also an opportunity to support professionals in this industry, who have been greatly affected by the pandemic.

Transforming outfit

From pieces that can be worn in multiple ways to dresses that can be adapted to a different look, adaptability is the name of the game in fashion right now. Fortunately, this trend works well for weddings where brides want to change their look for the celebration or even go back to wearing a dress for the wedding anniversary.

DIY beauty looks

From tryouts via Zoom to big day makeovers, brides are experimenting with hair and makeup on their own. I think this trend is here to stay, as we could all use a little love during the pandemic and why not use the wedding as an opportunity to develop a skill that you have had throughout your life?


Micro Weddings

This year, we are seeing an increase in the micro wedding, also known as an intimate wedding with fewer than 50 guests. There are many positive aspects of this new trend, from a focus on who is present to the general atmosphere of the event, which can lend itself to being more personal and emotional, especially during an uncertain time like the one we are living in.

Intimate guest lists

According to our recent study of weddings in Spain, 47 percent of couples plan to reduce the size of their guest lists. While this is a difficult task, we see that couples prioritize the health and safety of their loved ones by limiting attendance.

Weddings Sequel

Some 2020 couples are opting to do their wedding again this year but with an extended guest list. These may be larger-scale events focused on celebrating your love with loved ones who were unable to attend last year. I have even heard of couples who reserve some elements and traditions of the wedding, such as writing their own messages or doing the first dance, to perform at the second wedding and make it more special. A very sweet idea!

Backyard Weddings

There is always something special about a home wedding, and especially during a pandemic. I love seeing couples adjust to what is in front of them when organizing an intimate outdoor celebration.

Assigned seats


While assigned seating is usually reserved for family members during the ceremony, I have recently seen a specific location assigned for all guests. This is a COVID-19 safety measure that may be in place after the pandemic.

Unexpected places

boda en barco

A wedding on a boat? Why not! With an intimate guest list, couples are thinking out how to do something different by getting married at non-traditional wedding venues or even on the open sea, away from prying eyes.

Pod seats


With social distancing still in force, it’s a smart move to seat guests in groups of cohabitants rather than in groups of friends or family. Also, due to COVID-19 rules, tables generally look smaller this year; think in groups of four to six instead of 10 to 12.

Formal dinner service

Due to catering restrictions and small number of guests, we are witnessing a return to really fancy dishes. This is an opportunity for couples to get really creative with their menu and also to make each place feel special to the guest (think about placing a handwritten note on each plate).

Individualized food displays

comida miini

Do not share more! For both cocktail hour menus and sit-down dinners, caterers are opting for a more personalized style of service: for example, on individual plates and cones rather than charcuterie boards and family-style meals.

Custom gifts


To put a twist on the most popular accessories of the year (masks and hand sanitizer!), I advise couples to personalize the products with their initials, logo and / or wedding date, in order to give them as wedding gifts.

Care packages for absent guests


Whether the bride and groom are getting married via Zoom or with a reduced guest list, couples don’t forget about guests who aren’t physically with them. For this reason, I came up with the idea of ​​mailing celebration boxes to guests asking them to toast from afar with a personalized cocktail kit or mini bottle of champagne. You can even send a mini wedding cake, cookies, or in some cases the entire wedding meal! I love this idea and I hope it continues when the pandemic is over so that I have a treat with the guests who cannot attend the wedding.

XXL hugs for everyone.

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