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After years of practice and experience based on photography after photography, I still have the illusion of being able to improve myself in each job and, if possible, make those people who hire my services cry with emotion and see that the work they are given delivery is more than what they themselves expected to receive.

That is the real challenge to overcome.

These are some of the most inspiring reviews from my clients. If you want to join this group of satisfied people or have something to say, feel free to fill out the contact form below. Your opinion is very important to me, because I always try to evolve and improve in the professional field, and why not, learn from mistakes.

Ana + Eulogio
happy wife Ana + Eulogio happy wife
Hi Juan Pablo!! How long… Tomorrow it will be precisely five years since Eulogio and I were married in the Sagrario church and with a celebration in Nazaríes. We continue to remember it as the happiest day of our life for all the emotions experienced and, without a doubt, you are part of everything magical that happened that day ... for how easy and pleasant you did everything to us and above all, for that wonderful report that dazzled everyone who has it in their hands and that allows us and will allow us to always relive in detail the beauty and sensations of those moments. We hope you are phenomenal and continue on a path of success. We are in the Dominican Republic… yes, “Spaniards around the world”. A big hug.
Mar + rafa
Happy wife Mar + rafa Happy wife
We have chosen well, in that it is you, Juan Pablo, who makes us the photo report !!!! I have never seen, and I never repeat, such original photos so full of emotions, feelings, and in which the smallest detail is taken care of to perfection. I didn't even think we could be so photogenic. Seeing the photos, you have reminded me of all the good times that Rafael and I have spent together. You have surprised me with the report. Thank you very much, you are a professional. THANK YOU. (See you at the Wedding)
María + carlos
Happy wife María + carlos Happy wife
Excellent professional, attentive and perfectionist with his work. It seems that he was born with the camera in his hand because he knows all his secrets, It was very fun to do the photo session with him, thanks for everything.
Maribel + adri
happy wife Maribel + adri happy wife
Just what i was looking for! Something different and of quality. Juan Pablo brings that spark that makes the results shine. You can tell that he likes his work a lot, that is transmitted and translates into a guaranteed success.
Irene + pedro
Happy wife Irene + pedro Happy wife
Dear Juan Pablo, We have seen very above the photos from the airport in Sri Lanka… and we have loved them !!!!!!! We will see them in more detail when we arrive in Spain on Monday to choose the ones we like the most, although the choice will be difficult! Regarding the album, we confirm that we want the beige leather with our names engraved. We talk on our way back. A hug and thanks for making us even happier.
fallon + felix
happy wife fallon + felix happy wife
Firstly would like to start with a MASSIVE THANK YOU from everyone who attended our wedding. Everyone thought you were funny, professional and most of the women thought you were very attractive!!! The whole day we felt that you were able to do everything, no questions asked! Think the boys had fun with their photos!!! I know how weddings are stressful, but because of the way you are, you made a lot of us at ease and willing to pose for you!! Our photographs you took are beautiful. I actually came to tears when we recently received our album, it brought back so many memories, and I think you captured every moment especially well. Our favourite name for you is; ‘THE WEDDING HUNTER!’ You were everywhere, bushes, up high, between tables, peaking through gaps to make sure you caught as much as you could on camera! We thank you for this! We also want to thank you for all of your patients with us and how you made our special day magical with the photographs we have for the rest of our lives. We do hope to see when ever we are in Granada! Take care and enjoy the rest of your day. Kindest regards from Everyone xxxx But most of all from Fallon & Felix
Antonio Sánchez
satisfied sculptor Antonio Sánchez satisfied sculptor
Juan Pablo is a photographer who expresses himself with the camera like no one else, thanks to constant work, which allows him to find unique situations and light conditions. Rarely can you find someone who has the virtue of knowing how to look like he does. Juan Pablo's way of working is an example to follow for many who think that photography consists of pressing a button and spending hours in front of the computer. It achieves such incredible images that we might think it uses some kind of digital montage. However, everything he photographs is done by his own hands.
Jaime Parada
Happy husband Jaime Parada Happy husband
Excellent work on our wedding. We were super comfortable and calm with him. The result of the spectacular photos. If you want spontaneous photos, it is a great option, because you don't know when he takes them. Moreover, there were moments that we did not know where he was, but when we saw the photos we have surprised you with the moments he was able to photograph.
Esther + antonio
Esposa feliz Esther + antonio Esposa feliz
Elegimos a Juan Pablo por su profesionalidad y calidad en cada fotografía, tuvimos la suerte de conocerlo en la boda de mi hermana y no dudé en elegirlo para mi boda. Recomendable 100%. Muchas gracias por tu gran trabajo y por tu amabilidad. Estamos super contentos de haberle elegido.

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