New web design that will surprise wedding photographers Granada and beyond

New Web Design for Granada wedding photographers and beyond.

Finally came the day!

They just gave me access to the finished website and I’m freaking out.

It has been a hard work on the part of the Simpleidealweb staff, but I think they have made a work of art after seeing the sketch of what the web was going to be, and what they have finally delivered to me.

I know that they have spent more hours on it than they had told me at the beginning, but they have been very professional from the beginning to the end.

fotografos granada bodas

At first I just wanted an updated website, but one thing leads to another, and in the end I asked them to add the English language, in order to be able to serve Anglo-Saxon customers more correctly, and since it does not end there, they also I asked them to create an online store where I could sell photographs dedicated to photo decoration, or why not, to the editorial environment.

These photographs can be downloaded in high resolution and then printed on any support that the client wishes, being the cheapest cost, or purchasing one of the supports that are also available in the online store, so that they would receive the Photograph already printed, in the chosen medium and with the comfort of not worrying about anything else. The prices of the finished product are not excessively expensive, so it is a very attractive option if you want to decorate your home with striking images.

I would like you to comment on what you think of this new image that I present to you today, since someone may think that something is missing or left over, or on the contrary, they also like how it turned out.

Your comments will help me to improve the web in the future, although I hope it is far away, since this format has to give a lot of itself, hahaha …

Finally, I would like to thank the Simpleidealweb staff who have put so much effort into carrying out this work and to all of you for visiting my website every time I publish an article.

XXL hugs for everyone.

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